Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kinney Visit and Lexi's Birthday 8/2010

Anyhow... I am updating galore cause the kids are asleep, Kevin is playing Call of Duty, and I am ignoring my craft room that is a disaster. So keep reading for all the new updates.

I am so glad Shauna and her amazing kids came to visit AZ in August. She hadn't been here since November 2006 so it was long overdue. We drove up from Yuma and spent the weekend with her and the kids. Amy's little girl (well not so little anymore) was gonna turn 7 the following week so we took advantage and had a cousin birthday party. Can I just tell you that family is my favorite thing ever? Whether we are in NY, CA or, AZ, my heart is always so full when family is around.
Lindsey not very excited to jump off.

Way to go, Mason!

Fun day in the sun!

Check out that hot bod!

Papa enjoying his posterity.

Uncle Kevin was teaching the boys to surf. They did really good.

Feed ME!

We had a lazy afternoon so I decided to give the girls pedicures. They loved it. Grammy even got a polish change.

We love Wii!

Too cute, Bailey and Ryan.

Here is Lexi opening her birthday presents. She loves little, cute toys and art so that is what she got. Happy Birthday Lexi Girl!

Analise and Kevin

What's a birthday without a pinata and lots of candy?

As much as we love eachother, we never know when we are gonna see eachother again so I wanted to make sure and capture this 3 generation picture. Its Mom, Jean, with her Daughters Amy and Shauna, and their daughters, (Left to Right- Lindsey, Lexi, Analise, and Bailey) Beautiful Winegar women.

Definitely good times.

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