Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter was so much fun this year at the Winegar Residence. Kevin's younger brother, David, came to visit and brought his beautiful family with him.
They welcomed Lily into their family in December and I was so excited to see her and hold a little baby. Emma was very jealous and insisted that I hold her as well.
We did simple things like playgrounds and kite flying but it was so fun to be together, catch up, and have the kids play.
Grammy and Papa have a fun pool in the back yard that the grandchildren were just itchin to use. At one point they had 9 of the 16 grandchildren in the house. It was great. Left to right (Joey, Lexi, Ryan, Emma, Elizabeth, Emma, Matthew).

We let them scratch that itch and get it. It was 65 degrees but they didn't care. The company made it all worth it. I think this picture is cool cause it looks like Matthew is walking on water.

Joey and Lizzy squirting eachother.

I took them to that railroad park in Scottsdale. The kids loved the train tunnel and the fun playground.

David and his Mini Me, Logan. I found these two playing Wii downstairs and they were standing the same, head tilted same angle, controller aimed the same way. Too Funny! David is in the National Guard and has served 2 tours in Iraq! He is so brave! We are glad to have him home.

In between General Conference we decorated Easter Eggs. We did activities through out the week to teach the children that Easter is about the resurrection of our Savior, but it was also fun for them to decorate eggs and wait for the Easter Bunny to hid them.

So focused!
On Sunday morning we laid out some treats for the kids from the Easter Bunny. They were so anxious to see what they got. But we were really excited that they enjoyed their Easter book about Jesus and the resurrection. Its so easy to be lost in the world and not remember the real purpose of all these wonderful holidays.

Emma loved her treats. Literally, she liked the candy more than the toys. She is such a candy junkie! You can always find her in the pantry looking for a treat.

Ana made these yummy cupcakes for the kids to enjoy after the Easter egg hunt. They were so cute!

The kids were so anxious to get out there and find their eggs. Grammy stood guard at the door and they yelled at her to open the door. She stood firm and would not open that door until every egg was put away.

And their off!

Ryan, Matthew, Joey, Emma, Emma, Elizabeth, Lexi, Logan
Thanks David, Ana, and kids for coming to visit! Can't wait to see you in September.
We are so grateful for our Savior. One of the activities we did was a Spiritual egg hunt and we put different scriptures in plastic eggs that depicted a point of the Atonement ( Palm Sunday, Gethsemane, Last Supper). The children loved it because it was simple and interactive. We loved it because we saw in their faces the reverence they had for Our Savior and the Sacrifice that He made. We can never pay back our debt to Him for Atoning for our sins, but we can try our very best every day to keep His commandments and love one another. Such simple things, yet it is all He asks of us. Happy Easter! HE LIVES!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MCAS Air Show

I love this little girl! She has definitely brought a lot of joy and love to our family.
We went to visit Kevin in Yuma. We checked out some neighborhoods to look for potential homes and of course found a few fun playgrounds.

The Marine Corps Air Show was also that weekend and we were able to see some pretty great airplanes and some great flying from F16s. This is the B52 Bomber. It was huge! No matter what angle I was in I couldn't get the whole thing. So I look forward to scrapbooking these pictures and placing them side by side. I hope it works out as I envision it.

This is a view from underneath the plane of where the bomb is located.

The F16s were so loud that Joey wanted Kevin to cover his ears the whole time.

Total bedhead. Some day she will hate me for this.

Fun with Cousins

One of the things that we love about AZ is all the time we get to spend outside. We are really lucky to also live by fun cousins who are such great kids.
Ryan and Joey spend a lot of time together. They were looking through this make believe telescope. Joey was looking for Pirate ships, Ryan was looking for Mack trucks. Typical :)

Matthew and Lexi are so big and smart and way fun. Matthew can talk to you for hours about Harry Potter and Percy Jackson while Lexi is content coloring. Joey and Lexi watch movies holding hands. They are really close cousins.
Lexi had a field trip to the Phoenix Zoo and her teacher allowed family members to join in the fun. We were all over it since we got in for $4.00. Not free like DC but definitely worth it.

Its exactly what your thinking.

Still looking for those pirate ships that keep attacking Navy ships. Very smart pirates they are. Nobody messes with the Navy.

Lazy Lions
Silly monkeys

Joey and Lexi became the goat whisperers. Joey followed those things around everywhere and was so gentle. He was the one who took his leg and held it like that. It was really cute. Lexi took the initiative to get brushes and they gave the goats a nice gentle comb.

Since Kevin only comes home on the weekends, we take every opportunity to have fun and spend time together. We went to the Railroad Park in Scottsdale and met up with Amy (Kevin's sister) and our good friend Cadie. It was a busy but fun day.

They had this cute little train with a conductor and all that took the kids on a 5 minute train ride around the park.

This is our good friend Cadie and her darling little boy Stetson.

Ryan, Amy, and Lexi

Emma loves to go down the slide but still hasn't gotten the courage to go down by herself.

The kids had spring break and it was my birthday so we spent the day at the science museum. It was so dark in there I didn't get great pictures, but it was a lot of fun and very interactive.