Thursday, May 21, 2009

Winegar Family Reunion 2009

27 people- 12 adults and 15 children (and 1 on the way) gathered together for the first annual Winegar Family Reunion. Thats right I said first ANNUAL because we need to do it again. It was so much fun!!!!! We played outside, we cooked, ate, talked about scrapbooking, Grey's Anatomy, XBox, tried to play Wii at the hotel and that didn't work, let Joey chase Bindi around, went to Draper temple, Oqquirrah Mountain open house (VIP style), baptisms, blessing, drove to Layton to see more friends and family, CAFE RIO, GANDOLFO's, Amy hurt her toe playing kick ball, Kevin played tagg with Mattew and Analise like he was 8 himself, Shauna laughed so hard at Amy that she cried, Big Emma held little Emma lots, met Mason's first crush... and it just goes on of all fun memories we created. Family Rocks!
This was the only good picture we could get of the grandkids with the grand parents or the Grammy and Papa. Joey was not cooperating, Emma was crying, Analise was bored, Logan thought his own camera was much more fun, Ryan was being silly...what else can we expect.

Awww so nice! Here we are all 27! I love this picture!

Only decent picture of Joey I get and than Emma decides to not cooperate!

The kids!

Kevin can never take a serious picture, Shauna crying, David and his guns he got in Iraq :)!

My sweet heart. My childhood friend Dixie took our family pictures. She was so amazing. We are so grateful, Dixie! Thank you

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P.S.S. The Mora family couldn't come because of my Mother's recent surgery. She was really understanding and with us in Spirit and she is recovering well. Thank you for your prayers.

Blessing Day

May 9. 2009 was a special day for the Winegar Family. David, Kevin's younger brother, was in Iraq serving his second tour these last 18 or so months and while he was gone, 3 grandchildren turned 8 and Emma was born. The Moms felt it would be a wonderful event if we saved the baptisms and blessing for David's arrival and had a family reunion. It was the best idea ever. We hadn't all been together since Kevin and I were married six years ago and it was worth the wait. Hopefully we don't have to wait that long again.
Emma was blessed by her dad and was given the name of Emma Noel Winegar. She was blessed to be full of service, compassion, a healthy body, a good example, and the list goes on. I made her her beautiful white dress and it was darling on her. I read that pattern for weeks before I actually bought the fabric and I am so glad that she is able to have that when she is older. Maybe she will use it for her little girl.

Emma is Daddy's little princess. We are so blessed that he has the Priesthood and can bless our children. He thinks so hard about his blessings because he wants them to not lack and we are so grateful that he listens to the Spirit.

Big Brother Joey doesn't like pictures very much. I refuse to go to a studio until he changes his mind. Meanwhile, we have fun thinking back at his refusals to take a picture, though its not so funny at the time.

This is Scott Kinney with his lovely daughter Analise Marie and Neil aka Papa Winegar with this handsome young man Matthew. Both were baptized that day as well. Both are special spirits and we are so blessed to have them as part of our family.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Catch up...

I have to catch up on some pictures so that I don't forget when I want to scrapbook them. I told you I have issues downloading pictures. This is on our wedding day May 1, 2003 (see below) but I love this picture because Dad forgot his shoes in NYC and so he had to wear his tennis shoes. He was a good sport too. You'd think that I was a bridezilla because of it, but I was just happy that they were there!

I love playing dress up with Emma! Poor Girl! She wears so many dresses and bows. Its actually funny though because I find it harder to shop for girls than for boys. Maybe I just have almost 3 years of experience to shop for boys. But when I shop for Emma its such an ordeal and I feel like I have to contemplate every outfit. Oh..well. Its the people that make the clothes and this is one beautiful little person!

Joey loves to give "Yister" kisses. I am so glad he doesn't beat on her. Instead he calls her "Clute" and is always kissing her.

This is Emma's Easter dress. I made it and I am glad its only a picture that you see because I don't want you to look too closely. She looked really cute and girly!

Joey opening his Easter suprises!

On May 1st we celebrated 6 years of marriage. We went to the temple that day to do sealings. We have made it a tradition to go every year and do sealings on our Anniversary. It is so nice because we love to remember the covenants we have made and be able to help others make those same covenants. It was great to go to the DC temple this year but we forgot which room we were sealed in ;(. It was still a nice evening with my hubby. 6 years went by way too fast and I can't imagine not having all of eternity to spend with him. See him almost breaking his back with my 100 lb dress?