Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I cannot believe that I am 27 already! I still am not over the fact that I am older than the missionaries. I thought that was impossible. I guess they are still more mature than I am at least spiritually. I had a good birthday. It was really simple but still very nice. My mother came down from NYC on Friday night until Sunday morning. She brought down with her my favorite meat, a Pork Shoulder-fully seasoned (and frozen).
We cooked it on Sunday and had some good friends over for dinner. We had a tres leches cake which is my favorite and just let the kids play. Our husbands left us to go to a Stake Priesthood meeting. Kevin didn't want to leave me on my birthday but what better present than to have him continue to honor his priesthood. We attempted a family picture and well, the above picture is the result. That is why I won't pay for one yet because Joey won't cooperate. I still love him So many things to wish for.... I did get money for my birthday which I am saving to do some major shopping. I just need to loose 7 more lbs to be pre-preggos and than I will stimulate the economy.

My little girl! I cannot stop kissing her, loving her, hugging her... She is so sweet

On Saturday we went to a good friend's birthday party, Nathan, and we shot rockets. Joey didn't want his to fall apart so he refused to shoot it but he was fascinated by the experience. Kevin took this picture and I love it because I hope to always walk beside my son and never have him be too cool to be seen with me.

This is Joey's rocket. Once again, he refused to take a picture.
Anyhow, I did have a great birthday and I appreciate all the well wishes, presents, cards, calls, and friendships. Thank you so much!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patty's Day

I don't know what it is about St. Patrick's Day that I love so much. Maybe its that I have some great Irish friends. Or maybe I just love to celebrate culture. Whatever it is, I love to make a big Irish meal and have fun this time of year. It means that Spring is near, which means summer is coming, which means brighter warmer days. I guess I just want to have something stable and some traditions established in our families since we have to move so much.

On actual St. Patrick's Day, I took Nathan, Enzo ( I watch these brothers for a few more months), Joey, and Emma to the Brookside Nature Center and we followed the trail that the Leprechaun's left behind in the green house, the boys loved to smell the "Yummy Flowers" and they were so happy to be out and running.
Joey was naughty and kept picking the flowers and throwing them in the pond. He did smell them before he threw them and inhaled deeply and romantically :) It was cute.

Since Kevin works until goodness knows when sometimes, we had our Irish dinner on Sunday. The missionaries came over and we had Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, Irish Soda Bread, and Apple Cake! Not to toot my own horn but, it was SOOO Good. Even the leftovers were really yummy.

Kevin doesn't like boiled meat, so I had to improvise and steam it in the oven and than cook the veggies on the stove top but with the same meat seasonings. It was tricky but Mom helped me figure it out. I wish we would have been together! He can never be serious when I take a picture of him! UGHH!

Kevin had to work last Saturday but there was a parade at a local shopping center so I decided to take the kids. Well this is what happened! They both slept. I was the only brown person there, so I stood on the side lines and watched and waited until Joey woke up. We than did some crafts by a pond but I forgot to take pictures. Just take my word for it. Anyhow, it was lots of fun. Its fun to have Joey big enough to kind of understand and want to participate. Its just keeping him interested that's the challenge. Boys will be boys!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Picture Tagged

I got picture tagged! Thanks Emeline! I cannot believe this picture. This is when Joey was about 7 months old. Jessica Peterson used to baby sit him and I would pick him up after a long day of working at Washington Mutual and just sit with him on the couch for hours just holding him and making him laugh, taking pictures, feeding him, and the list goes on. I miss those days when he let me hold him like that. Check out the double chin and arm pit rolls! Such a good blackmail picture when he is too cool to take out the trash or go to Mutual!

So I tag, Jessica Willis, Merry Rowe, Ana, Vivian Logsdon, Erica Dryden, and Luz

Go to your pictures, the sixth file, the sixth picture and blog about it. Tag someone else! XOXO

Friday, March 13, 2009

Emma Talking to Daddy

Every time we try to record her talking, Joey talks louder. Oh well, I am sure I will want her to stop talking when she's a teenager! You will have to pause the other music.

Its Been A While

*Joey working hard on a puzzle first thing in the morning*

*I love dressing Emma for Church*

* There is that 100 piece challenge*

*Sleeping while brother plays in the snow*

*Well, he didn't really want to play but I made him :)*

*Museum of Natural History*

*"Where does Nemo live, Joey?"
*Our nations capitol with friends- Enzo, Samuel, Emma, Joey, Nathan, Daniel*

We haven't been up to much lately so I hope you don't find this BOOORING! We have just been waiting for warmer weather to arrive. It has been nice lately but than it snows, and than it gets nice, and than it gets cloudy and sad. See, Arizona is pretty consistent with its nice weather. I like consistency. I appreciate it and welcome it. How about they build a Naval Hospital on Lake Powell or something so we can go back! All in favor? I'll just keep dreaming.

Anyhow, speaking of the wonderful world of Military. Kevin just got his orders to be in Pensacola, FL for the next six months. We get to go with him and I am excited because the base is so close to the beach! Yey! He will train on how to fly planes, parachuting on the back of a truck (apparently its legal in Alabama or something so they will go there to do it), and learn how to treat the Marine unit he will be attached to after January 2010. He is really excited about that. It does make him hold his residency for the next 2 1/2 years but its a good experience and he doesn't mind the pay raise! He took his boards yesterday and he feels pretty confident about that. I am glad because I have been a single mom for the last few weeks. Not fun. Ana, you are my hero! So he came home last night and had dinner, and caught up on 24 and 30 Rock. He is happy now.

Joey is learning how to say his full name. Poor kid! It will take some time. So far he says "Kevin Joseph Wing-gig-ger" Something like that! But its pretty funny! He is learning how to say prayer in Spanish and I promise its the cutest thing. I don't know how blasphemous it is but I totally want to record it next time its his turn to say prayer. He is really into Thomas the Train right now and puzzles. He is so good at whipping those puzzles together. We graduated him to 100 piece puzzles. He is still struggling with those but is so determined to do it alone. He is only 2 and wears 4T clothing. Jeez! I can't keep up. I forget he is 2 when he sings songs with me and has a conversation with me, but I quickly remember when he doesn't get his way and throws a fit. Fun age 2 years old! NOT! It is. He is my buddy!
Emma is my sweet little girl. That girl has me wrapped around her finger. I could hold her all day. She is eating well and I am still nursing which is a HUGE thing for me because I couldn't nurse Joey. She loves to smile at us and LOVES to talk to me. Kevin says that she gets her talking from me. Of course its goo-goo, gaa-gaa but I know she is trying. She will be 3 months in a few days and I can't believe how fast its gone. I guess I better have another one :)
As for me...I will not have another one for a while so RELAX! I am just excited to have my children and have Joey at such a learning age and be able to teach him. I have been busy with some projects with church but it feels so good. For such a long time I have been working, than on bed rest, than working, than I finally don't work, but I am on bed rest, and now I get to give back and it feels so good. But I am so grateful for all that gave to our family. Anyhow...I love our ward and the friends I have made so I will be sad to say good bye. But I have to say goodbye to you now because Joey is demanding attention. TTFN