Sunday, August 8, 2010

My 4 yr old

My little boy Joey is not so little any more. He turned the big 4 this year. Lets see... His first birthday was Curios George. His second was a pool party with a Nemo Pinata. His 3rd was Thomas the Tank Engine. And this year was a Super Hero theme.
I decided to make most of the decorations and party favors. The cricut and I became really good friends. I am glad I did. Joey helped so much and it made him appreciate his birthday and look forward to it.
Baby sister, Emma AkA- Bougaly Woogaly Bear

Lexi so excited to show me her princess super hero get up.

June Marshall- Joey's preschool friend

Hannah and Eden. Cute, fun girls

We were so excited to get such a good turnout. We are so lucky to have such fun little friends.

These were their party favors. They were double sided Batman/Superman for the boys and Princess/Supergirl for the girls. They loved it.

The kids switched off between the bounce house and the pool. Matthew totally beat up Kevin here!

Happy Birthday, Joey. You are my favorite Joey in the whole wide world!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Kinney Family 2010

We went to Utah for a week in July. We had such a good time with Kevin's sister, Shauna. She has the cutest family. We went to Utah Lake and I took some pictures of them. They were so cooperative despite the heat and humidity.
Double click on each one to see them bigger.

Mason Tyler, 12
Bailey Rose, 3

Lindsey Elizabeth, 6
Analise Marie, 9

Scott and Shauna (Kevin's Sister)

I hope you like them, Shaunita. Thanks Julie, for your editing help.
didn't need much though, cause they are too cute!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Utah in July

We have been lucky enough to make it to Utah at least once a year for the last few years. Now that we are within driving distance, maybe we can go more often. We love going to Utah. Kevin's brother, Brian, lives in Layton, and Shauna, his sister, lives in Springville. Plus we get to see all the temples in Utah and lets not even talk about the many, many craft stores.
We stopped in Loa, UT and spent some time on the Peterson Farm. Joey loved being in the outdoors and the nice thing about such a rural area is that I rarely had to check on him. It is so safe and there is nothing but big open fields for them to run around and the nicest people to say hi to

We walked over to Holly's house and fed the horses. Horses are such beautiful animals.

Kevin and Ryan worked hard on the farm. They changed sprinklers and stacked up hay or oats. I can't remember. But it was good bonding time for them. After a good morning's work, they gave the kids a ride on the same tractor Ryan used to ride as a kid. They loved it.

We then went to Springville and spent some time with Shauna and her family. It was Pioneer Day in Utah so her ward had some fun activities for the kids.

Rhiannon Anderson became a good friend in Florida. She was so good to Joey as his singing time leader. We will always love Ms. Rhiannon
We went to Temple Square and walked around the Visitor's Center .

When people ask me what work goes on in the Temple, I tell them the basics but also tell them that the work there is sacred not a secret. This totally proves it. In the South Visitors Center, they have this big replica of the SLC temple and it shows the interior. It shows all the rooms and the missionaries are there to explain the work that goes on. It was so amazing. Joey loved looking at the building. It helped me realize that the Lords work is open to all that desire to follow Him.

Joey really wanted Daddy to fall in the fountain.

Inside the Tabernacle

The Christus Satue. Love these moments.

So Dixie and I are chatting, the kids are looking at the Reflection Pool and in goes Ayden. It was soooo funny! Funny because Ayden is the silliest kid ever and though he wanted to be sad, he wanted to laugh too. We told him to laugh because we were laughing. It was awesome.

Kevin first told me that he loved me in this very spot 8 years ago. Ahhh, Blush, Tear! But he never told me how silly he was.

Dixie holds a very special place in my heart. We have been friends since we were 16.

My family, Dixie's Family

The following are pictures in the pool with Brian's family and at Lagoon with Dixie's family

Brandon. He is such an awesome kid. 2nd oldest of the Winegar grandchildren


It was such good times. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to repeat it.