Thursday, January 29, 2009


*I had to throw this one in because it was so cute*
*Our little girl is getting so big*

Me, Emma, and my awesome Dad*

*My Sister and her new BFF*

*Sisters and Daughters*

Kevin is in San Antonio for a week. He is doing CLS training which is pretty much learning what the Medics and Corpsmen do on the front lines during war to help treat the injured. There is a simulation that gives them the sense of war and they have to go out and treat the injured in the middle of chaos. He says he is enjoying it and is learning a lot and appreciating our soilders more and more. Since he is gone, I decided to take a trip to visit my family in NYC. The kids did great traveling and I was shocked at how much stamina I had. It was great to see my dad since its been a while and I spent a lot of time with my brother, Aristy. My sister, Karina, came from Jersey to visit and Emma just loved her. She kept staring at her and was quiet with her the whole time. Joey had a hard time adjusting. He actually kept telling me he wanted to go home. I guess bed rest made him a home body. But he still played with his Grandma and seemed to be happy. We didn't do any big city sites because it was too cold. Maybe in the Spring.

It Finally Snowed!

*Kevin misses the UT mountains. Before*
*We didn't have a sled so we were ghetto and used a laundry basket!
We finally got some snow on Martin Luther King Jr . Day! It was awesome! Joey and I watched it fall all morning, excited to go out and play in it. Daddy suprised us by getting home at noon so we put Joey down for a nap and as soon as he was out, we went outside and played. It was so fun! We had a snow ball fight with good friends of ours that are our neighbors and tried to build a snow man but it was too soft. It doesn't matter- it was still fun!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Put the scale away!

So I started working out about 2 weeks ago- don't tell my doc- and though I am slowly but surely losing the weight, I had to put the scale away. I was driving myself CRAZY! I was weighing myself like 3 times a day. That is not healthy. So I told Kevin to put it away and only bring it out on Tuesdays when I weigh in with the Biggest Loser :). But I have a point in putting this post up. I decided that its not the number on the scale that matters. Its how you feel and how your clothes feel. I am so hung up on it because I can't afford to buy a new wardrobe and make them fit my post-pregnancy body. But I have a whole closet of clothes I love so I need to fit into those ASAP. So today I tried on my favorite dress to wear to church on Sunday and it fit, despite the number on the scale. So I realized that though the weight is a sloth, the inches I am losing from working out is helping me fit into my clothes. So though my weight is important because of BMI, the inches are equally as motivating.

I went to Discovery and signed up for the challenge and am able to track my progress there, my workouts, calories I intake, and best of all- they are giving a 30 day FREE pass to Bally Total Fitness. I went on Tuesday and it was great to be back in a gym- for free best of all. I can do A Lot in 30 days. I have also been doing the Firm workouts- which I love. They help you sculpt and lose fat without looking too bulky. And when its not 8 degrees- that's right you read that right- I take walks with the kids which helps me to promote health to at least Joey for now :).

So this new year, lets all put away the scale and be confident in the bodies we have been blessed with. But lets remember that they are a blessing and we should still pump iron and fill them with good foods to show our appreciation.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

In Denial

I have been in denial to update our blog because I didn't want to take down my Christmas wall paper. If you know me, you know how much I love Christmas. But the site was down to do change it so I get a few more days :)!

Well, Mom and Dad Winegar came from Arizona and had Christmas with us. And my family came the next day to have dinner. It was a good, quiet year for us. But it was really nice. It was good because Joey is big enough to open presents and get excited so we looked forward to seeing his reaction. He got a train table from Santa and at first he didn't understand but quickly began to play with it and it was like pulling teeth to get him to open his other presents. Once he realized there was more, he was a pro at ripping the wrapping, even if it didn't belong to him. He got lots of Cars gear since he loves that movie, a Mr. Potatoe head, a race track, and books from friends. Kevin, as always, got video games, shoes, and we both got electric toothbrushes which we love. He got me a red Sunday coat, a Cricut, new sunglasses (RIP Chanel) and the new Harry Potter book. I am so glad J.K. is keeping my dreams alive. Mom and Dad got us a web cam so if anyone has one, call me and tell me how to use it :) Emma got fun clothes and little toys that she can play with when she is older. It was a good day and we were happy to be with family.

The next day my side of the family- Mami, Karina, Jose, Bianca, Sabrina, and Aristy- came bearing gifts as well. We had a feast for lunch and than they had to go because of work. But it was great because my mother was able to take a picture with her 4 grandchildren and that always makes her happy.

While Mom and Dad Winegar were here, we took them to the National Mall and walked and walked the museums and capital buildings. It was a nice day so it wasn't too bad. We also went to Mt. Vernon and saw George Washington's gravesite, plantation, and mansion home. We went to see the lights at the D.C. temple but I must have been taking so many pictures of Emma that my batteries died and we didn't capture that. But we saw Jenny Oaks Baker play her violin and that was a nice treat.

Emma is doing great. She is 7lbs 9oz now and the sweetest thing. I could hold her all day. Some times I do (Shh!). Joey is doing much better with her and tells her she is cute all the time, helps me with diapers and tries to put her pacifier on her when she cries. I love my children.

Other than that, there is not much to tell. I am just trying to loose weight and fit into my clothes again. Kevin is working hard and getting ready to take boards in March. Life is good. We are grateful.
*Emma, Sabrina, Bianca, and Joey

*This is my mother with her daughters and granddaughters- 3 Generations*

*Mom and Dad at the Mall*

*Joey loves his Sister or "Yister"*

*Overlooking the Potomac River at Mt. Vernon*

*She was tired of opening so many presents*

*Dr. Kevin Jay Winegar playing Rockband 2*

*Wizard wanabe muggle*

*"Choo-Choo Chwain"*