Sunday, October 10, 2010

Disneyland 1/2 Marathon 2010

Kevin, Dixie, Cole and I did the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon this year. It was such an amazing experience to train and run with the love of my life- knowing that we both have the same goals to be healthy and live long for our kids. Dixie and Cole started training in the Spring. I am so pleased with them. They worked hard despite working their jobs and being their for the children. We will definitely have to do it again.
5:30 am

My love. He wasn't even embarrassed to run beside me with my pink ears.

Dixie and Cole Meldrum

Running Faces. Very intimidating.

We ran all through the city of Anaheim. We were even able to run through Angel's Stadium. That was a great pick me up for Kevin. He scooped down and touched the grass. He is a Dodger's fan, but it was still exciting for him.

They kept teasing me because of all my medals. See, I ran the Disney World Full Marathon in January. Disney has a Coast to Coast challenge where if you run but a race in Orlando and one in Anaheim, you can get an additional medal. So I had on my Marathon Medal, my 1/2 medal, and the Coast to Coast challenge medal. Its one thing that I am actually very pleased with in my life.


Rigby's said...

Congrats Doorly!!! I never knew all those 5 am runs in the Phoenix heat were going to turn you into a Marathon girl! Way to go!

Jess, Andrew and Family said...

I'm so impressed! I would die. Seriously die doing that! You are amazing! I need to hear all about ragnar! I'm was sad that I missed it!

Peacock Princess said...

OMG THAT IS SO COOL! I live in Australia and have always dreamed of visiting disneland. This gives me extra reason to travel to the US. I should take part in a half marathon/marathon for the total disneyland experience!