Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Kevin always complains that the first six months of the year are all about me cause I get Christmas, Valentine's Day, my birthday, our anniversary, and mother's day all in a row. Big deal! He gets our anniversary, Father's Day, year marks in the Navy that come with a raise, and his birthday. Boo hoo to you! He gets equally spoiled with gifts and all his favorite food- white chocolate raspberry cheesecakes, Hawaiian chicken, pork shoulder Dominican style. Jeez!
This year for Father's Day I decided to make the boys ties. Joey hates wearing ties, but he was compliant because he was gonna be just like daddy. It was fun to watch Kevin attempt to teach Joey how to tie a tie.
We go to church at 11 so Joey always starts getting tired and wanting to start his nap.

Then in JULY, it was his birthday. My baby is getting old. He is now... well, I still need to stay married, but he is getting old. But I told him that 33 is the new 23. OOOOPPPS!
Golfing in AZ is awesome! One because its common and can be easily done. Two because of the weather. Yes I know- who wants to golf in the summer heat of 117. But my husband, son of an account, loves golfing this time of year. I believe he paid $11 for 9 holes and a golf cart. He goes way early, but he gets it done. To encourage him, Nike pretty much threw up in our house with sports paraphernalia. He was happy and that's all that matters.

Golf shoes and a glove

Can't give him a present without giving him a video game

We then had a fun pool party with lots of good friends, Hawaiian chicken for dinner, and a yummy cake full of Emma's hand prints. Yum.
3 Reasons why I love Kevin
1- He is the best father, husband, friend in the whole world.
2- He is my spiritual companion
3- He always smells so good. When he deploys, I am keeping his pillow case and inhaling it every night.
Happy Birthday, KEVY WEVY