Friday, September 25, 2009

Joey's Soccer and Shark Kabob

Joey started 3-5 yr old soccer this year. We were so excited because he has so much energy that it was great to have him run around, kicking the ball, and making new friends. Kevin played soccer as a kid and football so it will be interesting to see what Joey will choose as he grows up because Doorly and Sports is an oxymoron.

Joey needed some encouragement so Daddy went out there with him.

Joey sat down at his chair and yelled out on the field, "Hey guys, Joey's hot. Come on! Lets sit down." He then took it upon himself to have an unauthorized water break. That kid!

That same afternoon, we went to the Pensacola Seafood festival. Our sole purpose in attending this festival was to try a Shark KaBab. It was actually pretty good. It tasted a little fishy. They were a little expensive so we shared a combination plate that had a little bit of everything and it was all tasty!

This is our good friend Riquel Tripp. She is a fellow flight surgeon with Kevin.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

USS Alabama

I should update the blog as soon as we go to these neat places because I quickly forget the great details that we learn. Sorry... This is the USS Alabama. It was an hour drive from where we live so we decided to cross the border and go check it out. It was really neat to be in a battle ship and the submarine. I just can't believe how tight and small those ships are. Definitely a sacrifice from the luxuries of home.

Joey was so scared to climb and go down those narrow steps. After a while he got the hang of it.

The barber shop

Sleeping quarters: Not very spacious. I mean one wrong move or a bad dream and you are on the ground. Too bad for you if you are the third person up.

Kevin, our Silly Sailor.

This is the jail. I never realized or imagined there would be unruly sailors. What was I thinking?

The bars kind of ruin the picture, but this was the bakery. That was one of the biggest kneading machines I had ever seen. It was pretty cool.

Men and their guns.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jessica's Wedding

For Labor Day Weekend, we flew back up to Atlantic City for my cousin, Jessica's, Wedding. She married Robert Coleman and he is a great guy. She was one of our bridesmaids for our wedding and we hadn't seen her since we got married 7 years ago so we definetly wanted to go and support her. With the military its so hard to know when you will see family, so we like to take advantage of these great opportunities to be together. It was a beautiful wedding. We had so much fun and ate great food. We hadn't danced in a long time and it was great to show my Dominican family that my white boy, Kevin, has rhythm.

My Mom was so cute because she loves us so much and loves to show off her family whenever she can. She was happy to have all her children together. This is my brother Aristy. He's hot! His girlfriend is hotter! Katherine, is amazing. We love her and hope she becomes a member of the family.

My sister, Karina, and her beautiful family, Jose, Bianca, and Sabrina. I went to the salon with Bianca and Sabrina that day and I loved getting that quality time together with my nieces. I wish I could do it more often.
I have a really big family. Here are some of my fun, beautiful cousins. From left to right- Karina, Lorraine, Katherine, Stephanie, Me, the bride, Jessica, and Cindy.

I absolutely love this picture. Sibling rivalry always exists when you grow up, but it is so great to be adults and to just love eachother and be not only family, but friends.

My good friend, Jackie (in the orange sweater), drove down to Atlantic City from NYC and she watched the children while we went to the wedding. Afterwards, we went to the bride and groom suite to talk and catch up. We stayed up until 4:00 am!!! Never again... but it was worth it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bye Bye Summer....

We have had such a really good summer. Our move to Florida has been great, we went to Disney World, spent some time at the beach, and most importantly Kevin is spending lots more time at home. Its great that he is not on call all the time now. We love it when he is home.

Joey is 3 now. He turned the big 3 in August. I started Joy School with him this fall. It is a value based learning system that moms can do at home to teach their children how to learn and still have joy. Its been great. Its just me and him so some things he has a hard time with just doing us two because honestly, he looks at me like I'm crazy because I do these silly songs with him and he almost acts like hes too cool to do it. But he loosens up and joins me. He did great at drawing a stick figure to learn about the body and loves to change the date and weather on his calendar.

One of the things we loved to do this summer was just walk on the beach and fly kites. Kevin had more fun flying the Buzz Lightyear kite than Joey did. It was really cute. The beaches here are so beautiful and clean and warm. Joey loved it.. Emma not so much

We went to this restaurant in Alabama- just an hour away- and it was great. It was your typical home country cooking, but it was a lot food with a lot of fun. They throw you rolls at the restaurant from across the room. Kevin caught his second one and Joey was so impressed. We also hit some milestones this summer. Emma can crawl now as you can see her hiding under the bed. She is so fast and loves to follow me around the house. And Joey is potty trained. He has random accidents if I am not on top of my game, but overall he does really good. Every time he goes, he says he has to go "Like Daddy."

These two are twins!