Saturday, October 9, 2010


My Super Star Director and Super Star Friend, Andrea

So I have never done anything like this before! I used to work retail at Nordstrom and loved being a make-up artist. Then I worked at the bank and though that had to do with sales, I did more behind the scenes things like audits.
When I moved to Yuma, I would take Joey to this fun drop in day care place called the Treehouse. Its a fun place and he loved it. It always smelled really good and the girls who worked there said it was Scentsy. I had never heard of Scentsy. Its a wickless candle company that uses a light bulb to melt scented wax. I found it intriguing but didn't want to buy from someone I didn't know.
Months went by and Andrea came into my life. It was her first Sunday at church and she had just moved with her family from Lehi to Yuma. She introduced herself as a Scentsy consultant in Relief Society. As soon as RS was over, I ran to her, introduced myself, and then said I needed to order Scentsy. I went to her house and ordered over $100 worth of stuff. See... I love my house to smell good and like a home-especially since we move so much. I want it to always be a place of comfort for us so I always searched for a good candle and was never statisfied. Anyhow... she was happy to make a sale and a new friend and so was I. She went to Denver for her Scentsy convention and kept putting on FB how much fun she was having and all the free stuff she was getting. I felt like I wanted to be a part of that. When she came back, I went to pick up my order and told her I wanted to join her team. She was shocked because, well it was shocking! It was sudden and we didn't even talk about it. Anyhow.... I signed up that night and the rest is history.

Call me crazy, but it has been a true blessing. I have met SOOO many new people through it. Great people. I have also been able to help contribute to my family. Kevin has NEVER made me feel like I need to contribute more, but going from working since I was 16 to a stay at home mom, was difficult because I wanted to still contribute. So I have been able to pay for my starter kit ($99) 10x over and for that I am truly grateful!

Check out my website or my blog. I promise you will love it.
Sarah Newbold, my first Scentsy Party, my first friend in Yuma, my life long friend. Amazing woman she is.
Julie Smith's party. Girls from the world. Some amazing women there.

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