Monday, May 31, 2010

Lets Catch Up

I know its been a while. Nothing crazy has been going on. Just the usual play dates, swimming, family time, and oh yeah... moving again!
Ryan Peterson was in town to do some work in their Alma Mater of medical school. We were so glad that he spent some time with us. The boys got to go golfing and then Ryan was lucky enough to help us load the truck for our move. They worked so hard and were so hot that they decided to take a jump in the pool. It was like 68 degrees but hows that their fault?
Our white boys. Too cute and beefy.

Kevin taught Ryan how to surf in a pool. Its something Kevin and his brothers did while growing up in CA. Ryan was very impressed and he did really good for a first timer.

Well, like I said earlier in the year, Kevin was supposed to deploy in June and I was really intimidated about being in Yuma by myself so I lived with his parents 3 hrs north east. After he found out that that wasn't going to happen, we just waited patiently for a new home. We ended up renting a cute little house of one of the pilots in Kevin's squadron that is in San Diego. It is a 4 bedroom 2 bath, has awesome landscaping with a lot of shade and a nice pool to keep us cool. Its been great to be together again as a family. Kevin will deploy in January to the Pacific, but I will just stay put in Yuma. We have made some great friends and I have been really involved in the Squadron and love the other spouses. I know we can be a good support to each other while the hubbies are gone.

This is a glimpse of the back yard. See Emma just lounging? Joey has a good swing. He is definitely Dominican. Can't wait to get him in sports!

The great thing about being together again is all the Daddy time the kids get. They love their Daddy and love spending time with him.
These kids! We came home from a walk and Emma asked for a donut. She stuffed the whole thing in her mouth! Joey was so red faced from the heat. He was smart and asked for a Popsicle.
This is a glimpse of the front room. I haven't decorated anything else yet, but once I do I will share.
We had a small barbecue for Memorial Day and invited some friends. It was so funny because there were all boys and Emma was the only girl. That made me so happy because Joey loves having friends and Emma plays well with anyone that will just play with her.

Just lounging

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hearts and Sole

I started a new blog
I have developed a passion for running, healthy eating, and being physically fit. I don't work out as often as I would like with two little ones, but I do make it a priority when I can.
This will include training plans, nutrition, gear, advice, experiences, spiritual insight, etc.
Its fun for me to share so I hope you can follow and develop a love for that or any thing else that will keep our bodies healthy and strong.
I'm just an amateur so learn with me! Hope to see you there!

The Big City

Kevin left me. He went to Alaska with the military. And I said, "Fine, have it your way." So I went to NYC to see my awesome family! It was the best trip ever! I would have rather have Kevin there to share all the great moments with, but it was still a great trip.
First Subway Ride
This is Marilee and Alex Moe (Marilee's daughter). She was my Stake Young Womans President when I was growing up. She took me under her wing and taught me what choosing the right is all about. I used to babysit Alex and now she is getting married in the summer. She has definitely grown up to be a beautiful young lady. We took the subway to meet them. It was Emma's first subway ride and she was obviously thrilled.

This is my Papi. He is such an incredible man. He bonded with the kids so much and they loved to say good morning to Grandpa every day.

My brother has always been one to go out and have fun and I looked forward to go to dinner with him. We went to this great Cuban restaurant in Times Square. I had the best Paella ever. Thanks for a fun night.

High School Reunion
My high school reunion was at the same time of our trip. It brought back so many memories to walk down those halls. I went to an all girls Catholic High School. It consisted of about 500 girls all together. I got a good education and good friends.

This is my good friend, Jackie. We used to use this PA system to make morning announcements and prayer. Ohh the memories of how nervous we used to be. Some classmates- Rosemary J, Wendy, Me, Elizabeth, Raquel, and Jackie.

I only stayed for half of my reunion cause than I had to go visit family in NJ. Robert and Jessica were married in September and are now expecting their first child. Joey needed to wrestle because he only wrestles with Daddy. Robert was kind enough to humor him.

My nieces are so special to me. This is Bianca and Sabrina. They are such beautiful and humble girls. They were so cute with their little cousins.

Grandma and her grandchildren. Love these rare moments

Left to right: My mother, Jessica, Jessica's sister and brother in law (behind her), Bianca, Rosa (Jessica's mom, my mother's sister), Jesus (Jessica's Dad), Karina (my sister), her husband, Jose, Sabrina. Bottom- Me, Emma, Robert, Joey. Thank goodness for self timers.

Crayola Factory

We went to the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA. It was so cool. We saw how they make crayons and markers, played with play dough, colored lots of pictures, and played a lot with some fun cousins!

Children's Museum of Manhattan
This was a fun interactive museum in mid-town. They had alphabet stations, building blocks, a Dora and Diego floor, and lots of music. Pretty much lots of fun.

Statue of Liberty
Our good friends, the Petersons, came down from Vestal, NY the second week that we were there. It was so good to spend time together and see how much each other's children had grown. We did lots of sightseeing and ate some great food. I lived in NYC until I was 18 and it was random when I did touristy stuff. I am really glad that they had a lot of patience as I asked for directions and tried to figure out what they would enjoy.

Ryan was such a good sport being surrounded by women since Kevin wasn't there. My brother took him to play basketball and he almost showed up wearing a Red Soxs shirt to play basketball with a bunch of Hispanic, NYC men. Bad idea. Aristy lent him a different shirt. This store was in South Street Seaport and he just had to capture the moment.

This morning we started at the Statue of Liberty and walked to Chinatown and Little Italy. We got 3 desserts, Sushi, and some amazing Coconut bread for $8.00. Can't beat that. And it was good.

Manhattan Temple
My beautiful sister, Karina, and I did a session at the Manhattan Temple. It was so nostalgic for us. We had a great spiritual experience but also reminisced going to church in that building. This is where our testimonies began and we are so grateful that a temple now stands there.

5th Ave
You can't go to NYC with me without going to 5th Ave. Its like the mother ship is calling me home. We saw all the great stores we wish we could shop at but can't and probably never will because even if we could afford it, its just ridiculous. It takes a lot to admit that :). We stopped at FAO Schwartz and let the kids play on the big piano from the movie Big, went to St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, and the American Girl store.

Bustin a move

Made Joey's day to see this Batman made out of Legos.

Emma wishing for an American Girl Baby doll. Maybe someday

Ohhh this girl melts my heart!

Emma and Grandma. These two were buddies. Why? Because Grandma is an excellent cook and Emma LOVES to eat. That's 26 lbs of steel right there.

Audrey is such a beautiful little girl. She is a girl in all the sense of the word. And well, you know Joey is definitely a boy. Sometimes he plays too rough but he really loves Audrey. This is my proof that she loves him too.

Central Park

I did it!

We cut through Central Park in order to get to the zoo. I asked this nice man if we were going the right way and he was nice enough to not only give us directions but let Audrey play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. See, New Yorkers are nice.

Joey pretending to be Crush.

This was at the petting zoo to keep animals out. Joey said it was like a car wash.

Yes, I took a lot of pictures, but I am so sad I didn't take more. Sometimes it was difficult to remember since I had to juggle two kids in a busy city. Just means I have to go back for more. I can't wait. I love my family! Thanks for an amazing time.