Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Joey

We cannot believe how fast time flies. It feels like just yesterday we were in Arrowhead Hospital in Glendale, AZ about to have our son with Kevin's parents and my mother there anxiously awaiting his arrival. It happened so quickly and we were so blessed to have Kevin's parents and my mother be there despite Joey's early arrival. Every year I say that I will watch his birth video that my father-in-law, Neil so lovingly video taped, but every year I chicken out. I still get goose bumps just thinking of the pain. But I would do it again in a heart beat for Joey and any other child I bear because it was definitely worth it.
We had a birthday party for Joey on Saturday the 1st of August. My brother was on vacation in Orlando so we planned it early in case he was able to come up, but he couldn't but it was OK. We were really lucky to have made such good friends already in Florida so I invited anyone that had children Joey's age. 13 primary children came and they had a ton of fun. We had 3 kiddie pools, a slip and slide, a pinata, and tons of food. It was amazing too because at 9 am it was pouring rain. I mean pouring rain. The party was at 11 and the backyard was all Thomas decked out. I didn't want Joey's party to be ruined or our opportunity to make friends so we lifted our hearts to the heavens in prayer and prayed that the rain would stop. 10:30 rolled around and it was crystal clear skies. I was so excited Kevin had to humble me down. But I just couldn't mistake how much Heavenly Father is aware of our desires. It was a great time. Joey at the end said "Thanks Maddy (short for Mami and Daddy- its his new thing) for birthday party, thank you." Ahhhh...
This is a great friend, Fallon, who moved as well from the Bethesda area. Her husband too is a flight surgeon and she made Joey his train cake. HE LOVED IT!

One of Joey's presents from us, well I made it, Kevin paid for it ;), was this Batman towel. Kevin has been unwinding by playing Batman legos on Xbox and Joey stares and tells Kevin where to go. So I decided to figure out a little cape thing for him. Lets just say he went to bed with it.
3 Things We Love About Joey
1- How friendly he is. He will go up to any child and say, "Hi, I'm Joey, Come on" We love it. We hope he stays that way for his mission.
2- His sense of humor. It is so difficult to keep a straight face with him when we are trying to correct him. He makes silly faces in return or says the silliest things.
3- Any time he goes on time out, he always says he has an ouwy (?). We think he is trying to tell us we hurt his feelings.
Thanks to all those who called and sent well wishes. Love you