Saturday, February 14, 2009

7 Years Ago

He wouldn't love that?

7 Years ago today I asked Kevin out (that's right, I'm not ashamed). We were both working at a steak house in West Jordan and I had just broken off an engagement 2 days before. Kevin randomly asked me about my ex and I nonchalantly said that it was over and walked away. He confirmed it with a friend. We started talking about the Dominican Republic and how much he missed the food- hint hint- so I asked him to come over to my house the next day and I would make him lunch. I was late to our lunch date so he almost left. Boy was that a close one! We had lunch, went together to work that night, and the rest is history. We spent every day together until I went to NYC in June but it was to much to bear and he went and got me and took me back to Cali for the summer where he proposed. But I will tell you that story on August 31. I love our story. I love my husband. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and this is why:

1-He is my lover and my best friend
2-He watches Harry Potter movies with me even though he doesn't know what is going on.
3-He is an excellent father to our children
4-He thinks I am sexy even when I am fat and pregnant
5-He is loyal
6-He works hard to put food on the table
7-He plays even harder
8-He can always predict my reactions
9-He loves my cooking even when its not lovable
10-He listens to me talk, and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk.....
11-He honors his father and mother
12-He always gives me a day at the spa. Who wouldn't love that?
13-He is honest
14-He loves the gospel and our Savior, Jesus Christ

Happy Valentine's Day BuhBush!