Friday, June 19, 2009

LT. Kevin J. Winegar, D.O.

Sometimes, I just cannot believe that Kevin is a Doctor. Don't get me wrong, he is brilliantly smart and has dedicated himself to his career and education so he deserves the title, but when I see him playing Mario Kart on Wii or being silly with Joey, it amazes me that he can play both roles so brilliantly.
He has completed his Intern year at National Naval Medical Center and today they had a ceremony to give out certificates to the interns and graduating residents. It was a nice ceremony. Emma wore the cutest little sailor dress that a good friend gave to us and it was a hit. She blended right in. It was great to see Kevin take Emma around and show her off. Plus, the majority of the doctors there helped with her prenatal care so they were thrilled to see her thriving.
These are some of Kevin's fellow interns. The girl next to Kevin is Rickquel who will be living with us in Florida.

Certificate of Completion

She did not steal her Daddy's thunder. Not one bit :) Joey was at a friend's house playing because the ceremony would have been to much to ask of a busy two year old.

We than spent the afternoon at the pool in our community. The water was cool but it was nice and Joey had a blast. Emma not so much.

Old McDonald Had a Farm...

On June 1, a local farm was nice enough to open its doors to the community and allow the children to experience life on a farm. It was such a neat experience for a city girl to see such a magnificent farm. Joey really enjoyed himself and Emma did great sleeping. It was hot and humid, but worth the tour.
We had a fun hay ride around the farm and saw the future apple orchards, wheat fields, the corn maze for the fall, a local garden, and the rolling hills. Joey loved the big wheels on the tractor and didn't mind the hard hay that kept poking his booty.
I have to say that his favorite part was grinding the dried corn to be able to feed the chickens. The young man helping had to actually put some away so that Joey would stop getting the corn.

He kept feeding those chickens but he got pecked at a few times. He quickly forgave them and kept giving them their feed.
He did not like to feed the goats though. His little friend, Sara was more fearless than he was.

But he loved to see "Olivia" roll around the mud.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Growing so fast

I can't believe how fast our little girl has grown.

Yesterday, Emma turned 6 months. It feels like just yesterday I was hoping to stay pregnant as long as possible so she could be healthy and than when I finally get my cerclage taken out, I walk around dilated 5cm for about a week. Those days were sure not fun. But it definitely helped me appreciate my little girl all the much more. Last time we went to the doctor, Emma was a whopping 16lbs 9oz. She wears 9 month clothing and probably wears them each once because loved ones have been so generous in supplying her wardrobe. Here are 6 things we absolutely love about Emma...

1- Her beautiful, room enlightening, smile

2- Her thunder thighs, aka TT

3- She can hold her own bottle which is great for when brother steals her thunder

4- She can grab both her feet and tries to suck on her toes at the same time. As if she is not fed enough.

5- She sleeps through the night. Well mostly, but more often than none.

6- Her eyes! Wow she has beautiful eyes. Sometimes she looks like a deer caught in headlights but when she smiles they sparkle.

We love our little girl and are grateful that she has been entrusted to us.

The end...

New Address

The time is now approaching for our second military move. Lets see how many it adds up to. We found a cute little house that is a good size for us and a good location in between both bases that Kevin will be working at. We are excited about it because there is a fellow intern named Rickqeul that will be living with us. She is single and loves my cooking so we figured we would be roomies for 6 months so we can both save money and it saves her having to sign additional leases, cook, and she said she would babysit so who would say no to that? Not me! Anyhow... oficially July 1 our new address will be
5839 Chi Chi Circle
Milton, FL 32570

Monday, June 1, 2009

Church History Tour

It had been so long since I had been to Palmyra. Probably when I was 13 or so. Kevin went as a teenager with his parents but that too was long ago. We have AMAZING friends that live near Kirtland (The Rigbys) so we went there while in Detroit (but I forgot my camera so I am waiting on pics) and the Petersons live near Palmyra. So we did some church history tours and what an uplifting experience both trips have been. We did Nauvoo with Kevin's parents in 2005 and that was incredible. Its wonderful to go back to the roots of the church and feel that all those trials were real and the pioneers sacrificed immensely for us. Its even greater to enjoy it with such wonderful friends and family.
Pictures are from the end of the trip to the beginning. I am a dork on downloading pictures so bear with me.
I have a deep love and admiration for Emma Hale Smith. She endured so much as the wife of the Prophet. The following are the tombstones of her parents, Isaac and Elizabeth Hale, and the first born child that they lost, Alvin. Soon after his loss, the Prophet returned to NY to find out that the 116 pages were lost. What a strong family, both spiritually and physically.

This is the home foundation of Joseph's and Emma's first home. Much of the translations occurred here as well as revelations, and the loss of their son.

This is the bank of the Susquehanna River directly behind the home site of Joseph and Emma. It is in this location that the Aaronic Priesthood was restored and Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were baptized (D&C 13). Here we laid out a blanket and had a wonderful picnic. We imagined what the water temperature must have been like and enjoyed the peace and tranquility felt there.

This is the monument erected as a tribute to the Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood in what was then Harmony, PA by John the Baptist.

This is Emma and I in the Sacred Grove.

I found this picture so appropriate. On a beautiful morning, our Father in Heaven appeared to a young boy, accompanied by His Son, Jesus Christ. It was then that the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ began. Our Father in Heaven loves us so much to bless us with such truth and light. Kevin embraced his son in this spot and I know in his heart hopes to teach our little Kevin "Joseph" the gospel that was restored in this area, just as it was taught to Joseph.

The Palmyra temple over looks the Sacred Grove. President Gordon B. Hinckley made sure of that.
The Palmyra temple is the only temple that has a plain window that is not stained glass. That window overlooks the sacred grove as a way to remind us of the First Vision

This is the monument on Hill Cumorah

Joey and Audrey got a long really well during this trip. They had their moments but overall Joey was really excited to be with Audrey and Audrey says that she likes to play with Joey upstairs and downstairs (meaning in all the playrooms)
These are our great friends, the Petersons! We have been blessed with such wonderful friendships. Words cannot describe the love we have for them and the laughter we often share.

I don't know what I would have done without Jessica and Emily during medical school. They piratically taught a city girl how to be domestic and I am so grateful to them. Jessica just had a handsome little boy named Zackery Ryan. She is such a good mom, wife, and friend.

Kevin, Ryan Peterson, and Ryan Rigby were joined at the hip during medical school. They probably survived more because of each other because I know that us wives NAGGED A LOT. But we are grateful they had each other, and the Xbox. Which, Emily, you need to ask Ryan what they used to do on Mondays after exams because we all thought they were in class but Jessica and I just found out that they were playing XBOX!

You had a short church history tour now, but you need to not use this as an excuse not to go. You will be enriched! TTFN

On the road again...

*As soon as I unpack my house and move to Florida, Joey is getting potty trained. This is my sign that he needs it, because he hides when he does #2! He found the biggest tree in Independence Hall and took care of business.*
The month of May has been a very exciting month for us. Kevin finally is almost over with his intern year of residency and was able to accumulate some time off in the month of May to do some traveling. Some excursions were planned (Utah, Detroit, NY) others were last minute.

Right after we got back from our week in Utah/Detroit, we found out that my sister's mother-in-law passed away. She was the sweetest lady in the world. Very pure in heart. Jose and Karina (my sister) asked me to speak at the funeral and it was an honor to do so. I don't have any pictures of that for obvious reasons, but it was a beautiful funeral.

On our way back we decided to stop in Philadelphia. I had been there on a school trip while growing up in NYC but it had been a while. Kevin went a few years ago while rotating in MD so it was still fresh in his mind.

*This is right outside Independence Hall (on the back end). We didn't take a tour because it was 11 and the next tour was at 3, so we just walked around, and enjoyed the feeling of Independence and Freedom. This is a statue of John Barry. He is the founder of the Navy so we thought it appropriate to have our own sailor pay his respects*

*Everyone asks how my kids are doing with all this traveling, but actually they are doing great. Emma has gotten used to the car seat and as long as we allow Joey to get his wiggles out, he is a trooper. Why are we going to let children rain on our parade? This is our way of culturing them and getting them used to seeing the world but still remember where they came from. Plus we always make sure to do something for them.*

*Emma was sleeping. Joey was....well, you know*