Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Halloween was so much fun this year! Emma was a pumpkin and Joey was Batman. Emma made us nostalgic because she looked so much like Joey when he wore that same pumpkin costume at 3 months old. And Joey made us sad that he is growing up. He still loves Thomas the Tank Engine, but now he is getting into Super Heroes and those are signs of Big Boy Behavior.
This is Shaun Tureson. Him and Joey play together weekly and its fun for them. Joey loved his costume SO MUCH he wore it to bed once. He kept yanking at the face mask and it ripped. That is why he looks like he is having technical difficulties.

Emma was a good sport and wore her costume all night. She was so cute.

"Where's all the candy?"

These are some amazing children in our ward. We went trick or treating with them in their neighborhood and it was a hit. All the children behaved and had a lot of fun. (Left to right: Aiden (who is normally a very happy toddler), Tyler behind Aiden, Dakota, Carter, Emma, Joey, Nicole, Whitney (Joey has a crush on Whitney ;)

(You have to pause the music to listen)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Joy School Update

We have been so pleased with the Joy School curriculum offered on I am not ready yet emotionally to send Joey out to preschool but I know he needs the structure and learning experience. This gives me the opportunity to spend some valuable time with him and be able to teach him good values at the same time and keep him home.
The month of October was fun because we did a lot of Halloween and Fall activities. We carved a pumpkin together. My first pumpkin carving experience. Emma watched and picked at the fiber of the pumpkin and Joey was thrilled to just be playing with knives! Yikes!

The finished product!

I had to show you this cute little face!

We have a flannel board that we use for story time. This story was about a sad little pumpkin that did not get picked at the pumpkin patch. It was a hit!

I am not telling you a lie. I promise. Emma must have had such a long day at school that she literally fell asleep just like this. Yes... I did move her and put her in a crib but not before I took a picture.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Navy Ball

We had such a good time at the Navy Ball. I had been looking forward to going to my first Ball for such a long time. Probably since Kevin was in Medical school. The price was right and so was the company. Justin and Fallon Tureson are good friends that we met in Maryland. Justin is also doing Flight Surgery and Fallon and I play and scrapbook together a lot.
The ball was held at Naval Air Station- Whiting. They had a few keynote speakers that really helped us feel American pride. (Please excuse my memory and lack of names- its midnight). They had a toast that would single out each branch of the military and different causes and missions and it was great to feel and see the camaraderie.

After the presentations and dinner, they had a dance and I LOVE TO DANCE. Thank goodness I married a man with moves. He was such a good sport about dancing everything from the Macarena (above) to Lady Gaga. It was a lot of fun to dance with my Sweetheart.

This is Kevin's Commander from the helicopter Squadron that Kevin was in during his helicopter training. He was so nice to us and was really grateful to have the Flight Docs (as they call it) there to support the pilots. We are definitely very supportive of the pilots. They train very hard, study hard, and are very committed to their work. It will be great to be assigned to a squadron in the future and support them as they complete their missions.

Remember Souja Boy? I still do :)